Software and Books for the MC-10

The M/L files are in bin format, as if saved on a disk drive. If another format would be more useful, please contact me with suggestions. The Basic files are in text format.

The screen shots which replace and supplement the poor images from the books are courtesy of the MC-10 emulator of 'James the Animal Tamer'.

Cover Catalog Name File Start, End, Exec
26-3350 Micro Compac Compac
&H4350, &H4BEF, &H4350
26-3360 Micro Checkers Checkers
26-3361 Micro Games Pong
26-3362 Math Design Minicalc
26-3363 Lost World Pinball Pinball
&H4C00, &H7A00, &H4CFF
Programs from "TRS-80 Color Computer & MC-10 Programs", Cat 26-3195 by William Barden Jr.

SOME COMMON BASIC PROGRAMS is designed for people who can use a variety of practical BASIC programs. The programs are written in a restricted version of standard BASIC and are compatible with many versions of BASIC now available to microcomputer users. Program descriptions, examples, and remarks accompany the listings to help you follow BASIC programming logic.
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