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1/ Program Overview

Micro Color Compac is a machine-language program on cassette tape which allows your MC-10 to communicate by telephone with an information service (i.e., host computer) such as CompuServe or Dow Jones. This means that, in addition to the MC-1 itself and the cassette tape, you'll also need a modem (such as the TRS-80 Modem I or II) and a telephone close at hand.

When you load and execute the program, you have the option of setting the communications protocol (baud rate, word length, etc.).

Remember that you can set the protocol to whatever settings are required. The only limiting factor is that the settings you choose must match those of the computer system you're communicating with. For instance, if you set the baud rate to 1200 and the information service is sending information at 300 baud, communication cannot occur.