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MC-10 Ram



TRS-80® MC-10 Memory Expansion Pack

Cat. No. 26-3013

Congratulations on selecting the MC-10 Memory Expansion Pack for use with your TRS-80 MC-10 (26-3011). With this pack, you can expand your Micro Color Computer’s memory (and capabilities!) to nearly 20K bytes.

 To Install the Memory Pack . . .

1.      Be sure the MC-10 power is OFF.

2.      Remove the two screws and the Memory Expansion Connector Cover Plate on the back of the MC-10. See Figure 1. (And don’t forget to store the screws and Cover Plate in a safe place!)

3.      Grasp the Memory Pack at the base and gently insert it into the slot until it fits snugly. Be sure the Memory Pack is not inserted upside down or at an angle! See Figure 1.


 Figure 1. Inserting the Memory Expansion Pack

 When the Memory Pack is properly installed, the MC-10’s power is ON, and the OK prompt is displayed, type

PRINT MEM (ENTER). The TV should display the number 19526 which is the amount of memory available for your use.

 To Remove the Memory Pack . . .

1.    Be sure the MC-10 power is OFF.

2.    Grasp the Memory Pack at the base and gently pull straight out.

3.    Replace the Cover Plate



Physical Dimensions Temperature Humidity
Size 3˝"(H) x 3"(L) x 2"(W)
(89mm x 76mm x 51mm)
Operating 41° to 104° (Fahrenheit)
5° to 40° (Centigrade)
Operating 40% to 80%
Weight 4˝ ozs. (126 grams) Storage -40° to 160°
-40° to 71°
Storage 20% to 90%


Custom Manufactured for Radio Shack, A Division of Tandy Corporation