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Games, Puzzles and Recreation--2
Version: September 1973

Author: David H. Ahl, Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, MA

Abstract: GAMES, PUZZLES, and RECREATION--2 is a package containing 49 popular RSTS-11 and RSTS/E recreational programs. A number of the programs are unique in concept and have real educational value as well as being interesting and good fun. Some of the programs take advantage of the advanced features of BASIC-PLUS and are quite elegant in structure as well as being challenging and entertaining to run. Programs range from the games of Yahtzee and Monopoly to a smog simulation to a pizza delivery game.

No Documentation Available.

Note: This is more or less standard Basic, but you will have to change some things. All files are in one Zip file for now.

Source: RSTS-11 Library

RSTS MC-10 Uses Purpose
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