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5/ Troubleshooting

If the Printer fails to operate properly, check the following table.



The Printer does not operate, despite the power switch being ON.

Is the power cord plugged in correctly?
Is the power supply voltage low? It should be 120 V ± 12½% of rated voltage. (± 10% for European and Australian models)

Paper is not advanced smoothly.

Has the paper been inserted in the paper insertion slot properly?

The power lamp flashes and the Printer does not operate.

Is paper or other material jammed in the area of the print head?
If jamming is not the cause of the problem, turn the power switch OFF and ON.

Print density is too light.

Are dust particles or any paper fragments, etc. adhering to the print head?
If so, remove the roll of paper and reinsert it with the reverse side of the paper facing the print head: then perform the self-test to advance the paper for about two feet. This process cleans the print head.

Test printing is normal, however, when the Computer is connected, the Printer operates and prints incorrectly,

Is the interface cable OK?
Is the interface cable connected to the Computer and Printer correctly?


If the problem cannot be corrected after troubleshooting and making adjustment, check for secure contacts on all connectors. If you can’t eliminate the problem, "take the unit to your Radio Shack Store or Computer Center for repair". ** I doubt that service is now available