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1/            Description of the TP-10

2/            Setting Up the TP-10 Printer

Connecting the TP-10 to the MC-10

Connecting the Power

Power-up Sequence

Paper Handling

Loading the Paper

Cutting the Paper

Removing the Roll of Paper


3/            Using the TP-10

Some Notes for Graphic Printing

4/            BASIC Printer Control Codes

Line Feed Only CHR$(10)

Carriage Return with Line Feed CHR$(13)

Carriage Return Only CHR$(26)

Elongated Mode Set

  CHR$(27) CHR$(14)

Elongated Mode Clear

  CHR$(27) CHR$(15)

Repeated Printing

  CHR$(28) CHR$(n) CHR$(m)

Ignored Codes

5/            Troubleshooting

6/            Specifications

Appendix A

Table 1                95 ASCII Codes

Table 2                Graphics Character Codes


Congratulations for selecting the TP-10 Thermal Printer! We feel confident that this Printer will give you years of satisfaction. The TP-10 is designed for use with the MC-10 Micro Color Computer, but it will work with the TRS-80 Color Computer as well.

The TP-10's special features include:

  • The ability to print 95 ASCII characters, plus 16 graphics characters.
  • The ability to print up to 32 standard characters per line.
  • Software-controlled character/graphics elongation.
  • A repeat function.

and more!

This manual will:

  • Describe the TP-10.
  • Show you how to set up the TP-10 and connect it to the MC-10 or Color Computer.
  • Show you how to use the TP-10 with BASIC commands and printer control codes.